5 Common Duct Problems In Your Oxford, MS Home

The duct is the passage used by your HVAC to deliver the air into your home. When it is damaged or clogged with dirt, it cannot perform its job well. Duct issues are common in Oxford, MS, but many homeowners don’t know about them. Fortunately, Fondren and Vaughn Heating & Air is here to help.

Keep reading to know the five (5) common duct issues and how you can get around them.

Hot and Cold Spots

Have you ever wondered why some of the rooms in your home feel less comfortable than the others? It could be possible that your duct has damage or is not insulated properly. A professional technician can check and repair the issue and balance back the temperature in each room of your home.

Poor Airflow

Your indoor space will become less comfortable when your duct is not in good working condition. Leaky ductwork is often the culprit of that! If your duct leaks, a part of the heated air may not go straight into your home. As a result, the air becomes stuffy because only a small amount of it circulates inside your home. Schedule a duct inspection to ensure proper airflow in your space.

Noisy Operation

Whistling and popping are the common sounds heard when the HVAC system operates. These weird noises occur when your duct has holes, gaps, or cracks. The heated air can escape through those leaks, which causes strange sounds as your unit operates. Be sure to check and seal the leaks in your duct to eliminate the unwanted noises.

Strange Odor

The strange odor that circulates in your home is often suspected of coming from the HVAC system itself. That’s not always the case, though! The smell can also come from your ductwork. The accumulated moist in your ductwork can become the breeding ground for mold and mildew. Then, these microorganisms create a nasty odor in your home. Bring in an HVAC specialist to check and clean your duct.

Indoor Air Quality Problems

Contaminants, pollutants, and allergens may be fouling the air inside your home. These harmful airborne elements can circulate in your ductwork and get inside your breathing space. Once inhaled, they can cause allergy, respiratory issues, and other health-related problems. Avoid all these by scheduling an annual duct inspection and cleaning.

It is vital for the duct to stay in good condition to efficiently deliver the air and make your home comfortable and safe. Feel free to talk with our trusted HVAC specialists about the proper care for your duct.

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