Christmas Decorating Electrical Safety Tips

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, one out of three Christmas tree fire incidents are due to electrical issues. While this serves as a warning message to many homeowners, some still strongly believe that the spirit of Christmas will never be complete without those twinkling lights.

Don’t worry because Fondren and Vaughn can help you with that.

Enjoy a festive holiday while staying safe this season with these Christmas decorating electrical safety tips from our experts.

Opt for Fire-Resistant Trees

Fire-resistant artificial trees can resist burning much longer than the conventional trees. While it may sound like a simple piece of advice, choosing the right material for your Christmas decorations to keep your holiday a safer one. So opting for a fire-resistant tree is a wise choice.

Use Decorative Lights Appropriately

What puts homeowners into more trouble is when they don’t use decorative lights properly. It is important to note that Christmas lights come in two types—outdoor and indoor lights.

When you try to hang lights outside your home, make sure that they are designed specifically for that purpose. Otherwise, you might find yourself braving a fire on Christmas night.

Avoid Overloading

If you are planning to put up lots of lights this year, then this electrical tip is for you. Don’t overload your extension cords and make sure that your light strands are distributed throughout different cords. Remember that your extension cord has a wattage limit. Exceeding its wattage rating could cause overheating and might put your home into serious risk.

Check the Labels

Your Christmas lights should be UL to ensure safety and prevent fire or electrical hazards in your home. UL is a third-party organization that sets standards for different product categories and tests them to ensure they meet the safety requirements. Be sure to check the labels and purchase only the UL-labeled decorative lights. 

Give Your Lights a Break

It’s not wise to leave your Christmas lights on at all times. Yes, they may look joyful and alive, but they can also cause a dramatic rise in your energy bills and worse, safety issues when left on for a long time. Be sure to unplug all the lights before you go to sleep or leave for a holiday vacation.

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness with all of the people close to your heart. Following these Christmas decorating electrical tips ensures a safe holiday for you and your loved ones.

From our team at Fondren and Vaughn Heating & Air, we wish you a wonderful holiday season this year. Merry Christmas, everyone!