Common Summer A/C Problems and How to Prevent Them

Your air conditioner in Oxford, MS can make or break your comfort. While it is designed to provide optimum cooling, it can also affect your indoor temperature if it malfunctions unexpectedly. But don’t worry! Our team at Fondren and Vaughn Heating & Air will help you deal with it.

Here are the common summer A/C problems and how to prevent them:

Insufficient Cooling

Does your home feel overly hot even if your A/C is on? A handful of problems might cause this! Proper airflow can be blocked if your air filter is dirty or your thermostat is set incorrectly. Your outdoor unit might also be crowded with vegetation, or it has refrigerant leak problems. Excessive heat gain can also be experienced when your home’s insulation is poor. Feel overwhelmed? We can provide the solution to get back the comfort in your home.

Your Unit Stops Working Completely

Your comfort generally lies in your A/C, but what should you do when it stops working on its own? The first thing you need to do is to check your thermostat. It could be possible that its batteries need to be changed or your thermostat is not set in the “cooling” mode. Also, check your circuit breaker’s switch if it’s set to ON. If none of these easy fixes work, call us.

Strange Noise is Heard During Operation

Your unit typically creates sounds when turned on or off. However, the screeching, squealing, clanging, rattling, banging, and thumping sounds are not part of its operation. When you hear any of these sounds, it means your unit is experiencing some problems. Turn off your unit immediately and call for air conditioner repair in Oxford, MS.

Liquid Drips from Your Unit

A refrigerant leak from your drain line is not a good sign. The problem can cause your coil to freeze and encourage the water to drip from your unit, resulting in reduced comfort in your home. Be sure to check your drain and condensate lines regularly for possible clogs and leaks. Don’t forget to contact your trusted A/C company in Oxford, MS for early repairs.

Uneven Cooling

Do some of your rooms feel hotter or colder than the other? This can be the result of a poor home insulation, leaky ductwork, or blocked vents. Try to improve your home insulation and get your duct a regular inspection and cleaning. Also, ensure that your vents are open, unobstructed, and clean to allow proper airflow.

All these problems can be prevented with an immediate action, and the best step is to call the right people for expert repair. Contact us at Fondren and Vaughn Heating & Air, and we’ll fix your unit with expertise.