Halloween Energy-Savings Tips from Fondren & Vaughn

As the trick-or-treat season comes close, many homeowners in Oxford, MS start to hang fake spider webs, decorative pumpkins, eerie witch wreaths, and colorful candy garlands to give everyone in the neighborhood a light fright. But did you know what’s scarier than these ghostly decor? Those high utility bills!

That’s the main reason why we are here! Fondren & Vaughn gives you these energy-saving tips that you can use this Halloween.

Turn off Some Lights

The dark is the creepiest thing you see in many scary movies. You can have that ghostly vibe in your home by incorporating a lights-off effect. Turn off several lights in the Halloween night, and you’ll surely save on your utility cost.

Light Some Candles

You are not a vampire, so you still need some lights in your home on the Halloween evening. While some of your electrical lights are off, you may use candles to brighten some areas of your home. Candles never go out of style during Halloween. They don’t just create a spooky feel of your home; they also help save energy. However, be sure to place them somewhere safe and away from your heating system and appliances.

Use Outdoor Solar Light

Harness the heat from the sun to light up your place at night through solar energy. Not only does outdoor solar light help trick-or-treaters find their way to your door, but it also saves you a huge amount of energy. Be sure to recharge it during daytime, so it’s ready to scare away those high energy bills.

Use Energy-Efficient Decorative Lighting

Attractive Halloween lighting is one of the many aspects homeowners love about the holiday. When using decorative lighting, go for LED lights. They are safer and more energy-efficient compared to conventional decorative lights.

Stay Outdoors

Are you concerned about the leaking heated air every time you open and close your door when handing out candies to trick-or-treaters? Then stay outdoors! Set up a Halloween front yard or a garden where you and your family can stay the whole night. You may create a bonfire to kill the evening chill and share some uncanny stories to add horror to the atmosphere. 

We hope the high utility bills won’t haunt you this Halloween season. Try our energy-saving tips and enjoy lower energy costs.

Here at Fondren & Vaughn Heating & Air, we are wishing everyone in Oxford, MS and surrounding areas a spooktacular Halloween.