Signs a New HVAC System Should Be on Your Christmas List

The holiday season is here once again, and everyone is excited to fill in their Christmas wish lists. There might be so many things you want to receive this holiday, but have you ever thought of including a new HVAC system on your list?

Take a look at these signs that you and your home need a new HVAC system:

Poor Comfort in Your Home

This upcoming holiday, it is vital for you to have a well-functioning HVAC system to keep your family warm and cozy. But if your unit isn’t providing consistent heating due to frequent short cycling, then you’ll be facing a huge problem. A unit that turns on and off on its own is a clear sign that it’s near its retirement age. The best thing you can do is replace the unit!

Frequent Repairs on Parts

If your HVAC primary parts always give you a problem, then you have to start thinking if repair is still the most practical option for them. Labor for fixing the motor, compressor, and coil can add up quicker than you realize. Replacing the entire system is actually more beneficial to your investment than simply repairing those parts repeatedly.

Lacks Proper Maintenance

All HVAC systems have their expected lifespan. The only thing that delays them from getting to the end of their service life is proper maintenance. Remember, units that receive routine maintenance can last longer than neglected equipment. So if your unit malfunctions too often because you have skipped the proper care for it, then replace it. Add a new HVAC system to your wish list and make a New Year’s resolution that you won’t forget regular maintenance time.

High Bills Become Uncontrollable

Your energy bill typically changes a little each month. But if you notice your bills are higher month after month and use a huge portion of your savings, then there’s something wrong in your unit. Check with your trusted technicians if a replacement is needed.

The System is Old

Start the year with something fresh by welcoming a new HVAC system in your home. New HVAC systems are more efficient and effective, while out-dated units tend to act up frequently, demand more repairs, and cause your energy bills to rise dramatically. So let that old system retire and put a new unit on your list this holiday.

Isn’t it amazing to have a new HVAC system in your home? So if your unit shows any of the signs mentioned above, then it’s time to consider replacing it.

Here at Fondren and Vaughn Heating & Air, our goal is to make your home comfortable regardless of the season. Contact us, and we’ll help you with the installation process of your new HVAC system.

Have a happy holiday!